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It’s the berries! (in Bayfield!)

June 12th, 2012 by kristensandstrom

Well, everything truly does seem to be happening a bit earlier this year. We have just heard that the strawberries are just about ready at the local berry farms. Right now Erickson’s Orchard & Country Store has a limited quantity of ready-picked strawberries available for purchase. This is about two weeks ahead of schedule, but we certainly don’t mind. There is something so especially delicious about eating fruit that was just picked locally!

We talk about cooking with local foods all the time, and how easy it is. We’d like to utilize our blog a bit more to share with you ideas to help you do more in your own kitchens. We make it a point to buy as many fresh local berries as we can while they are in season. We have a couple of extra freezers to store these scrumptious treats year round. Berries are actually quite easy to freeze, but how you do it really does make a difference in how long they will last.

We are quite lucky at Pinehurst that my father (Steve) loves the process of cleaning and cutting berries for freezing. He also does this with potatoes, peppers and other produce. He finds it quite relaxing and reminds him of his childhood. This is a good thing as I don’t think the women in our family feel quite that way about it. Here’s a link to some very simple and good instructions on freezing strawberries: The most important step of this process is draining the cleaned berries of as much moisture as possible.

So, what can you do with these berries? Of course, the very best part about buying local berries is picking them directly from the flats and eating them! But, alas we can’t always do that. Here are two recipes that we serve quite frequently at Pinehurst Inn:

Strawberry Parfait:
This is a really easy one: Take some fresh Bayfield strawberries, and quarter them. Then take some plain yogurt and add a touch of maple syrup and vanilla extract (just enough to flavor as you like). Layer the strawberries and yogurt with your favorite granola and enjoy!

Strawberry (or any berry) Muffins:



Annual Blessing of the Fleet in Bayfield this Weekend

June 7th, 2012 by Nancy Sandstrom

A long standing traditional ceremony takes place in Bayfield this weekend. This event honors the long history of commercial fishing on Lake Superior. The Blessing of the Fleet is that opportunity for our community to recognize these fishermen and their vessels.

In the past 10 years, the event has grown to include all types of boats: sailboat, motor boats, kayaks, canoes, and more. These many vessels line up to individually pass through the harbor as local clergy provide a blessing, wishing them safe passage and a prosperous season. Organized by the US Coast Guard, there is an amazing variety of boats, some decorated and loaded with family for the occasion, some simply paddled by a single person.

Bayfield has become a boaters destination. The presence of the Apostle Islands provides a great destination for boaters, providing a break from the big lake, places to explore, find safe harbor.

What a wonderful way for our community to recognize the importance of this grand Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands in our lives as we also honor our long standing commercial fishing history.

The Blessing of the Fleet starts at 1pm on Sunday, June 10th. Come and enjoy the event at Memorial Park.

Thank you to Hannah Hudson, Stonehouse Photography for use of a great photo!


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