3 Reasons Why You Need to Go to the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race

Numerous exciting events are held in Bayfield, WI, every year!  The Apple Festival in October celebrates the autumn harvest, the Festival of Arts in July honors inspiring local artists, and the Hometown Holiday Season starts Christmastime the right way with cheery concerts and activities.  However, the most thrilling annual event in Bayfield, WI, is, without a doubt, the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race in February!  For over 21 years, this race has continued to captivate its audience with its two full days of heart-racing action!  There are two main races featured in this event: a 10-dog, 80-mile race and a 6-dog, 60-mile race.  Two shorter races are held as well, a Family Race and a Youth Race, that are both 6 to 8 miles.  Discover the top three reasons why you simply can’t miss this traditional, momentous event and start making your plans to attend!  

3 Reasons Why You Need to Go to the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race

  1. To Experience the Exhilaration

As the groups of sled dogs, quivering with anticipation, suddenly launch into the icy tundra, you can’t help but feel the rush of excitement and anticipation that fills the anxiously waiting crowd of spectators.  Everyone loves the good-natured competition of this event- even the dogs!  The fun and enjoyment keeps building as Sunday afternoon rolls around, when they announce the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race results at an awards ceremony.  

  1. To Enjoy the Activities

Other attractions are also held at this event, making it even more entertaining for the community!  You and your friends and family can watch the progression of the race from multiple onlooker locations set up along the course.  These spots include warming tents and bonfires to thaw your chilly fingers and toes; they also have concession stands so you can grab a bite to eat.  In addition to the race itself, a “Meet the Mushers” dinner is held the night before the race begins.  This dinner is located in the City of Bayfield’s Lakeside Pavilion, a lovely venue placed right along the water.  

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Photo by lightcatcheristockphoto / Thinkstock