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Pinehurst Inn, Bayfield Offering Fall Harvest Midweek Special

September 18th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

Bayfield and Pinehurst Inn in fall – glorious!

Enjoy this great mid-week offering along with eco-elegant lodging, variety of fall activities , discounted Enso Day Spa services and delicious full breakfast each morning.

September Offer:

Stay three nights (Sunday – Thursday only) and enjoy a 25% discount off the third night! PLUS a $25 Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau Gift Certificate to enjoy during your stay. PLUS enjoy a 20% discount on a facial or body polish at Enso Day Spa!

Ends September 29, 2011.

October Offer:

Stay two nights (Sunday – Thursday only) and enjoy a 25% discount off the second night! PLUS a $25 Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau Gift Certificate to enjoy during your stay. PLUS enjoy a 20% discount on a facial or body polish at Enso Day Spa! Ends November 3, 2011.

Gift Certificate can not be applied to lodging during stay. New reservations only. Reservations can be booked online or by phone at 877-499-7651.

In Bayfield we have the best air conditioning

July 20th, 2011 by kristensandstrom

Sunset on Lake SuperiorIt’s no secret; it has been a very warm and muggy few days. I have been watching the weather and feel so badly for my friends and family who live in the Twin Cities or southern Wisconsin. Heat indexes well over 100 seems just plain wrong! In Bayfield few of us actually have air conditioning in our homes, so on those few very hot days of summer, we are always looking for ways to cool off naturally. Luckily for us, we have the world’s best form of A/C – Lake Superior.

Most days, if there is any sort of wind, we are cooler than the rest of the region. But, on those days where it seems miserably muggy, there is still a solution – go swimming! There is nothing quite as refreshing as taking a dip in this beautiful lake to cool off. So, while it maybe miserably muggy everywhere else around us, we don’t mind! We’ve got this wonderful lake keeping us cool and comfortable.

Bayfield and Pinehurst celebrate the blessing of the fleet

June 8th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

blessing of the fleet imageAs spring is coming to an end and summer is rapidly approaching so comes the boating season upon Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. Every year the Bayfield community offers a blessing to all of the boaters for a safe and plentiful season – this is called the Blessing of the Fleet.

History comes to life with the traditional Blessing Ceremony this Sunday, June 12th at 1:00pm: commercial fishing boats, tugs, powerboats, sailboats, excursion and transportation craft, and rowboats parade through Bayfield’s City Harbor. As they pass by the tip of the pier, clergy from the Apostle Islands community grant each vessel a blessing for safe passage and a prosperous season on Lake Superior. Lake Superior is Bayfield’s lifeblood. The Lake has drawn countless people to this area, from the Ojibwe, to the fur traders and missionaries, to commercial fishermen, and finally to tourists and pleasure boaters. In the late 1950′s Bayfield inaugurated the Blessing of the Fleet to honor its fishing families who formed the backbone of the area’s economy.

This event is open to all boaters, from kayaks and rowboats to fishing and sailboats. The Ferry Line has even been known to bring a few of their boats through for the annual blessing. Come to Memorial Park for a brief ecumenical service before the ceremony and then enjoy seeing the variety of boats get their blessing for a happy, safe and bountiful boating season.

If you are interested in participating in the Blessing, feel free to contact the Bayfield Chamber with any questions at 715-779-3335 or email Erin at

Pinehurst Invites You to Paint the Town

June 2nd, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

The small community of Bayfield will be literally painted on Friday, June 3rd. Join us for our monthly “first-friday-monthly-specials“, an opportunity to take advantage of retail promotions, specials at restaurants and more. This initiative is organized by the Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau, promoting the Bayfield downtown area.

This month is unique! Participating businesses will have sidewalk chalk available for guests to start their own chalk art design, or finish a design that is already there – and say “Hello Summer!” with friends and family. The design to the left is from Donalee Designs, a wonderful jewerly designer/silversmith south of Bayfield. Come to display your creative side.


To honor this fun promotion, Pinehurst will have our own supply of sidewalk chalk (yes, it helps to have a 3-yr-old grandson!) for our guests to enjoy. What a fun way to greet summer!

Pinehurst Inn and Living Adventure Kayaking Package

April 26th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

Kayaking sea caves

The Mainland Sea Caves are an incredible destination that attract kayakers through out the summer. One of the best ways to explore the Mainland Sea Caves is with one of our best local outfitters, Living Adventure. Enjoy this full day Sea Caves trip as part of a two night stay in available room of choice.

Your day starts off meeting at the Living Adventure Center where you are introduced to your guide for the day. Off to Meyers Road, a beautiful sandy stretch of beach in the National Park. After an orientation to paddle strokes and the equipment, you will paddled 2-3 mile trip out along the caves and cliffs to Driftwood Beach. Here you will enjoy a catered lunch while resting and enjoying views of Sand Island and Eagle Island; a rookery for cormorant and herring gulls. Continue to the caves and paddle under arches, into vaulted chambers and into the cavern’s deepest recesses. This is truly a breathtaking experience not to be missed.

Return to relax at Pinehurst Inn, perhaps using your $5 discount at Enso Wellness Center & Day Spa as you get the paddling arms massaged! We will happily assist in finding your best choice for restaurants or evening entertainment.

This package includes:

  • Two nights lodging in available room of choice
  • Full breakfasts each morning
  • Living Adventure Sea Caves trip for two people
  • $5 Enso discount for each person
  • All other Pinehurst Inn amenities

Rates for this package range from $433 – $585 (does not include sales and room tax for lodging). Specific pricing by room is provided through the online booking process. This package must be booked ahead of stay. For more information or to book, call 877-499-7651 or book online. This package is offered through September 11, 2011.

A truly beautiful day!

April 25th, 2011 by kristensandstrom

sugar bush trail imageWe would like to wish a Happy Easter to all of our guests. We can only hope that your day was as absolutely perfect as ours. Yesterday was the first truly warm and beautiful day of spring in Bayfield. The Sandstrom family spent the whole day essentially enjoying each other and this beautiful place we live in. Our day began with a scrumptious french toast breakfast and then a long hike in the Sugar Bush (these trails are just two miles from Pinehurst!). It is always amazing to me how much fun it can be to go hiking with a 3-year old. The things that they notice are truly amazing and remind us to really appreciate this place.While the ground cover and trees are still fairly brown up here, Aidyn was eager to point out many little green spots along the trails, animal tracks and more. The moss on the rocks, the small saplings breaking through the leaves on the ground, and even a croxus here and there peaking up at us. Things are really coming back to life around here! The higher we got on this trail the more we could see. Off in the distance we could see the sparkling waters of Lake Superior.

Of course as our day continued, we dyed eggs and had a brief Easter Egg hunt. The day ended with a perfect meal including chickens from our local farmers, asparagus and carrot cake cupcakes! What more could we ask for?

With the warmer temps here we are so excited to get into our gardens, paint a few more walls and simply make Pinehurst look as good as possible for all of our spring and summer visitors. We look forward to sharing our amazing home with you all very soon!

A beautiful relationship

April 12th, 2011 by kristensandstrom

First, let me introduce myself. I am Kristen, Steve and Nancy’s daughter and the “assistant” innkeeper at Pinehurst. While I have already been contributing to this blog in the past, I have now been given the ability to “author” my entries separately. So, here goes!

stagenorth theater imageWe at Pinehurst Inn really do make a strong effort to partner and work with other local businesses. One of our newer relationships is with StageNorth Theater in Washburn, WI. I have been very involved at StageNorth as it is an amazing community theater, offering opportunities for those of us who live here to experience theater on many different levels. We’re hopeful that we can share this experience with many of our guests as well.

This past weekend StageNorth put on a wonderful production of the Tony award winning play by Edward Albee, Seascape. This is the story of an older couple pondering what to do “next.” The entire play takes place on a beach with the sounds of the waves in the background. It is certainly a unique production with lizards as they other main characters, but what really struck me was the beach and the water. It really made me yearn for the next season to get here.

Ironically, as I was yearning for things to speed up a bit (and get that ice out of the Chequamegon Bay), there were the first thunderstorms of the year last night, and I woke this morning to a beautiful blue bay of water! Truth be told, the ice is probably still there, just sunk down a bit, but I didn’t care! It was a sure sign to me that things are changing and summer will be here before we know it.

If you’re nearby, consider coming up to Pinehurst this weekend to see Seascape at StageNorth, get a massage at Enso, and take a hike by the lake and enjoy the sounds of Superior.

Sure Sign of Spring in Bayfield

April 6th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

April is here and we are busily preparing Pinehurst Inn for the busy spring-summer-fall season in Bayfield. Paint brushes, cleaning supplies, new towel orders and more all for the enjoyment of our guests coming to play in Bayfield and the Apostle Islands.

And for those of us who reside in Bayfield year round, there are a number of other sure signs of spring:

  • The sound and sight of the Madeline Island Ferry crashing through the ice on their trips between Bayfield and Madeline Island.
  • The UPS trucks go from the standard size up to mega long as they make larger deliveries in anticipation of busier days.
  • The black bears visit our yards, porches and other places as they come out of hibernation.
  • The ongoing announcements about the upcoming Big Top Chautauqua schedule for the coming summer.
  • The return of familiar seasonal business owners who’ve been in warmer climates over the long winter months – many with grimaces as the feel the “cool” spring breezes coming off the lake!

Whatever the sign, we are excited to see a bit more activity and anticipation of the spring.

What is your favorite sign of spring?

As we look back on 2010

December 31st, 2010 by Nancy Sandstrom

It is virtually impossible not to reflect back at this time of year. As 2010 comes to a close, what have we accomplished? What have we done that we are proud of? How can we improve things in 2011? These are questions we ask ourselves personally, but we apply those questions to Pinehurst as well. There are many things that we are very proud of this year. It has been a banner year for us and that certainly wouldn’t be possible without all of our amazing guests. We created a new and beautiful website. We were once again named in a variety of publications for our efforts towards a more sustainable business. Of course, these are all very important accomplishments are we are very proud of them. As we look forward we are constantly looking for ideas to improve what we have to offer our guests.

What else though? More than anything we are just so pleased that our family has had a successful 2010, we have maintained our health and we continue to work together! We would like to thank every single one of you for being a part of our year, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2011!

A happy and healthy New Year to you all from all of us at Pinehurst!

Bayfield's first snow storm of the season?

December 11th, 2010 by Nancy Sandstrom

Well, the sever weather alerts started as early as yesterday afternoon for up to 18″ of snow through the day and into the evening tonight. It has started out slowly, but the northeast winds have started to kick in and the temps are dropping. Does this sound miserable or what?

Not to us! The energy around Bayfield today is so exciting! We are anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival on the Ferry Boat. Yes, Santa arrive via water in these parts. The site of all of these children waving to Santa as the boat arrives in Bayfield is wonderful! Of course, with the snow today it might be a bit more dramatic (especially for Santa & Mrs. Claus) as they ride through those northeastern waves. This is just one of the events that happens in Bayfield that makes living in a small community like this so wonderful!

Once the children have all told Santa their holiday wishes and consumed their cookies and hot chocolate, many of us will simply head home to curl up on the sofa, snuggle up under a blanket and read a good book. Not us though, we’re going to head to our neighbor community, Washburn, for the arts & crafts boutiques. The maybe after that we’ll enjoy the local production of “A Christmas Carol” at Stagenorth. There is always something to do around here!

We really do encourage all of our friends, guests and family to visit us during these quieter months. There is plenty to do, and at this time of year you experience a completely different beauty. Of course, you see the beauty of the lake, the snow, the woods and more, but you also see the beauty of our community and how much we all appreciate each other.

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