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There's something to say for tradtition

December 5th, 2011 by kristensandstrom

pinehurst carolers image Every year for as long as I can remember our family has made a tradition of decorating our home for the holidays together. As life goes on and schedules get busier that has become more and more challenging. We did find time last week to enjoy dinner together and decorate our “big” tree. The music was playing on Pandora (once upon a time it would have been John Denver & the Muppets on vinyl), and my almost 4 year old nephew assigned himself the job of delivering ornaments from the box to the adults for hanging on the tree. While the tree looked beautiful when we were complete, we still weren’t done. I had placed our Santa collection on the fireplace mantel, but there was still much work to be done. We still had the smaller tree to put up – we call that the Music Tree. And, our caroler collection was still packed in a crate. Yet, it was late and we were tired.

Yesterday, I noticed my mother had posted on Facebook that she was going to start decorating the Music Tree and get out the carolers. Alone. The pangs of guilt certainly hit me. I was tired and had been fighting off a nasty head cold for almost a week, but I didn’t like the idea of her doing things like that alone. These were a part of our family tradition. Okay, so I must confess that I didn’t run over to Pinehurst right away, but I did go. As I walked in the door, she said to me, “The carolers are ready to go out if you want to help.” I didn’t jump up and down or get as excited as I might have 20 years ago, but without question, I went to the landing and starting arranging. The music was once again playing (I think I may have even heard a muppet or two!). Placing each of these carolers in their appropriate space and laughing with my mom about their silly faces was a perfect moment. It was tradition.

While this is certainly a quieter season here at Pinehurst, we do love having guests at this time of year. There is something so warm and welcoming about this big old house when there is snow on the ground and a fire in the fireplace. If you haven’t been here at this time of year you are most certainly missing out. We really do love sharing our traditions with our guests and hearing about theirs.

We want to wish a very happy holiday season to you all, and hope that you enjoy sharing your family’s traditions as much as we do.

Pinehurst Inn Top 5 Local Retailers Trump Black Friday in Bayfield

November 25th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

Stone's Throw, another great gallery in Bayfield!

Today, the day following Thanksgiving, is being trumpeted by the media (quite loudly) as Black Friday. But here in Bayfield, we are sounding off and actively promoting that locals and visitors support our area small businesses. Yes, this is happening all around the world, but when one lives in a small town, these types of efforts are palpable.

So here are the Pinehurst Inn top 5 hot spots for holiday purchases:

  1. Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters – not only the place to go to pick up a great coffee drink or scone, but great assortment of coffee and tea goodies.
  2. Apostle Island Booksellers – locally-owned, independent bookstore located in Bayfield. Their collection of books emphasizes the history, cultures, nature, lifestyle, cuisine and activities of our locale – the Apostle Islands, the Chequamegon region, Lake Superior, the Great Lakes, Ojibwe Country and the Northwoods.
  3. Bayfield Wine & Spirits – Offering 60 – 70 different, individually selected wines from the U.S., France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and elsewhere – they have a great assortment of wonderful little wine/drink related items as well. And watch for periodic availability of Sassy Nanny Goat Cheese. Yum!
  4. Wolfsong Wear – Yup, these are the same folks who run the great dog sledding adventures in the area. They produce some of the best outerwear for adventure sports. They are all locally handmade with the highest quality materials: Woolrich Wool on the outside and soft comfortable Malden Mills 300 weight polar on the inside. AND they are running an incredible sale through the end of November – buy 1 coat, 2nd coat is half-price!
  5. Eckels Pottery – located just South of Bayfield, Eckels Pottery has been in business since 1960. They offer beautiful, hand crafted ceramics along with a wide variety of other items large and small. We are pleased that most of our dishes used for breakfast service are from Eckels.

We could easily turn this list into a top 10 or top 15…….there are many more wonderful options. But we’ll stop here. If you are an area resident, know that the choices for your holiday shopping are many. If you are a periodic visitor, come back and make us your “one-stop” shopping location.

Either way, we do encourage everyone to shop locally. Supporting the small business people in every community direct and indirect economic impacts.


Pinehurst Inn Harvest Special Just Got Better!

September 22nd, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

Pinehurst Inn, Bayfield Wisconsin, already shared our Harvest Special Promotions for September and October – wonderful opportunities for eco-elegant lodging with a discount for stays of multiple nights. But the amenities for these great accomodations just got better.

Enso Wellness Center & Day Spa, located on Pinehurst Inn property is pleased to offer our Harvest Special guests the opportunity to receive a 20% discount on Facials or Body Polish Treatments. These treaments are a great way to help our skin (and spirit!) transition from summer to fall.

What makes Enso Exceptional?

Kayaking Apostle Islands – Now Just a Bit Safer

August 7th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

The Apostle Islands have become incredibly popular for kayakers. The ability to paddle among this amazing group of islands is truly amazing. Pinehurst Inn guests continue to enjoy this on the water activity, many taking advantage of our ongoing packages with local outfitter, Living Adventure. But many come with their own boats, ready to make their way on this inland sea known as Lake Superior.

With adventure comes risks. Sadly one of the most common destinations for kayakers, the Mainland Seacaves, has also been the site of a number of deaths. In both cases hypothermia and being ill prepared were a part of the picture. Waves at the mainland sea caves can be particularly dangerous because of the bowl-like rock cliffs that reflect and amplify waves. Two large waves can combine to form an extremely large wave.The National Park Service and Bayfield area are working to minimize these dangers.

With support from Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and the Friend of Apostle Islands, kayakers now can check wave heights online before visiting the mainland sea caves at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Using a smart phone or the Web, kayakers can check the live conditions report at The website lists the wave height for the previous six hours in 30-minute increments. The site also displays water temperature and photos of the waves at the sea caves, and it relays wind speed and direction recorded at Devil’s Island.

“We hope kayakers will use this system to make good decisions before venturing out onto the lake,” said Bob Krumenaker, superintendent of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. “We hope it will save lives.”

The rule many of us follow on Lake Superior is this: “The Lake is the Boss.” We love this grand body of water but we also recognize how dangerous it can be at times. We appreciate efforts such as this one to make the decision making just a bit easier.


In Bayfield we have the best air conditioning

July 20th, 2011 by kristensandstrom

Sunset on Lake SuperiorIt’s no secret; it has been a very warm and muggy few days. I have been watching the weather and feel so badly for my friends and family who live in the Twin Cities or southern Wisconsin. Heat indexes well over 100 seems just plain wrong! In Bayfield few of us actually have air conditioning in our homes, so on those few very hot days of summer, we are always looking for ways to cool off naturally. Luckily for us, we have the world’s best form of A/C – Lake Superior.

Most days, if there is any sort of wind, we are cooler than the rest of the region. But, on those days where it seems miserably muggy, there is still a solution – go swimming! There is nothing quite as refreshing as taking a dip in this beautiful lake to cool off. So, while it maybe miserably muggy everywhere else around us, we don’t mind! We’ve got this wonderful lake keeping us cool and comfortable.

Kayaking with Living Adventure Popular with Pinehurst Inn Guests

July 7th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

The tagline for Pinehurst Inn, Bayfield Wisconsin is “Connecting Adventure, Environment and Personal Rejuvenation“. The adventure part of this equation is an important one for many Pinehurst Inn guests. With this in mind, we work to create packages that provide adventure in a safe and inspirational way. One of our most popular packages is our kayaking package with Living Adventure.

Living Adventure is one of our favorite partners. Living Adventure home is located just north of Bayfield. Sitting on the shore of Lake Superior and the southern most Apostle Islands, they provide magnificent kayaking trips for visitors. Ranging from 2 hours to multiple days, their trips provide all equipment, instruction, guidance and fun. The instructors are prepared to work with first time paddlers. Education on the area, the natural history and more is woven in. Safety is key.

The most popular trip our guests take is the Sea Caves trip, a 5 hour paddle. A hallmark of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is the ancient geology noted by red sandstone cliffs and sea caves. Centuries of wave action, freezing and thawing have sculpted artful caves considered to be the most spectacular in the Great Lakes. Kayakers have the unique opportunity to paddle under arches, into vaulted chambers and into the cavern’s deepest recesses. This is truly a breathtaking experience not to be missed. The trip includes a great lunch along the way, and is provided in a safe environment with experienced guides.

Our guests return from these kayaking outings with a smile on their face. They’ve had an adventure – an important component of a Pinehurst Inn stay. Now we can help them shape the “personal rejuvenation” component of their stay… how about an Enso Day Spa massage to round out the day?

Pinehurst Inn recognized in Milwaukee Journal

July 5th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

We love good press. And we love being associated with like-minded folks who are innovative. Tom Daykin, Milwaukee Journal business writer ran a piece in Sunday Miilwaukee Journal on a new lodging being built in Delavan, WI. A good piece with exciting information.

Fritz Kreiss and his wife, Catherine McQueen, are about to begin work on building the 19-room Green Leaf Inn in rural Delavan. Their plans are exciting and we wish them well.

And in that same article, Pinehurst Inn is recognized for being a leader in the Travel Green Wisconsin program. Tom points out some of the specific steps we’ve implemented. Every step taken is important, whether offering stainless steel water bottles or using renewable energy. Yet the more important concept is the overall approach – every decision is made with a full analysis of the environmental, the social and the economic impacts. How will this decision affect our natural environment (carbon footprint), how will the decision impact our guests, our employees, our community? How will this decision impact our bottom line? It’s a thought process that becomes second nature.

We strongly encourage our friends and guests to use Travel Green Wisconsin as a resource when traveling in this fine state. Take a look at what many of our peers are doing throughout the state.


Pinehurst Inn celebrates Summer Solstice

June 21st, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

Hot / Caliente

June 21, 2011 – the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year with the sun at it’s most northern position. Why is the summer solstice of any import to any of us? Here are some traditional / symbolic meanings:

  • While some consider the summer solstice as the beginning of summer, many actually regard it as midsummer.
  • For those who revere nature, summer solstice may be celebrated by a bonfire, and staying up to greet the dawn.
  • It both ushers in the warmest season, and reminds that the season is short, slipping away day by day.

In 2005, Steve and I made a trip to Sweden to tour various “eco-municipalities”. We were able to be there on the Summer Solstice, with wonderful memories of staying up much of the night playing volleyball and running in and out of the sauna. Swedes know how to celebrate.

So we welcome summer here at Pinehurst Inn. While we might have had a bonfire and lots of guests using the sauna, the gale force winds and rain happening today might cut that short. It’s alright thought. We have summer ahead with lots of opportunity to to honor this place, our community and our guests.

But we are reminded to take the time to experience each day to the fullest.

How do you celebrate this day?


Bayfield and Pinehurst celebrate the blessing of the fleet

June 8th, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

blessing of the fleet imageAs spring is coming to an end and summer is rapidly approaching so comes the boating season upon Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. Every year the Bayfield community offers a blessing to all of the boaters for a safe and plentiful season – this is called the Blessing of the Fleet.

History comes to life with the traditional Blessing Ceremony this Sunday, June 12th at 1:00pm: commercial fishing boats, tugs, powerboats, sailboats, excursion and transportation craft, and rowboats parade through Bayfield’s City Harbor. As they pass by the tip of the pier, clergy from the Apostle Islands community grant each vessel a blessing for safe passage and a prosperous season on Lake Superior. Lake Superior is Bayfield’s lifeblood. The Lake has drawn countless people to this area, from the Ojibwe, to the fur traders and missionaries, to commercial fishermen, and finally to tourists and pleasure boaters. In the late 1950′s Bayfield inaugurated the Blessing of the Fleet to honor its fishing families who formed the backbone of the area’s economy.

This event is open to all boaters, from kayaks and rowboats to fishing and sailboats. The Ferry Line has even been known to bring a few of their boats through for the annual blessing. Come to Memorial Park for a brief ecumenical service before the ceremony and then enjoy seeing the variety of boats get their blessing for a happy, safe and bountiful boating season.

If you are interested in participating in the Blessing, feel free to contact the Bayfield Chamber with any questions at 715-779-3335 or email Erin at

Pinehurst Invites You to Paint the Town

June 2nd, 2011 by Nancy Sandstrom

The small community of Bayfield will be literally painted on Friday, June 3rd. Join us for our monthly “first-friday-monthly-specials“, an opportunity to take advantage of retail promotions, specials at restaurants and more. This initiative is organized by the Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau, promoting the Bayfield downtown area.

This month is unique! Participating businesses will have sidewalk chalk available for guests to start their own chalk art design, or finish a design that is already there – and say “Hello Summer!” with friends and family. The design to the left is from Donalee Designs, a wonderful jewerly designer/silversmith south of Bayfield. Come to display your creative side.


To honor this fun promotion, Pinehurst will have our own supply of sidewalk chalk (yes, it helps to have a 3-yr-old grandson!) for our guests to enjoy. What a fun way to greet summer!

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