Breakfast in Garden

A Bit More about Molly Lewis Siegler….

A message from our Chef, Molly Lewis Siegler….

“Cooking has always been an invigorating, family oriented practice for me. Growing up, we wouldn’t start dinner until everyone was home from rehearsal/meetings/work — which meant dinner often wasn’t served until 8 or 8:30 in the evening (awfully weird for Southern Kansas). But we cooked together and it was the best part of the day.”

Molly has a bachelor’s in political science from Grinnell College and a culinary arts degree from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). She has worked in numerous professional kitchens, most recently as an Executive Pastry Chef. Currently, Molly is focusing on food education, as well as her own small-scale catering business. She reads voraciously (usually about food) and has been starting to write as well.

We are really thrilled to be working with her! Be sure to check out her Sample Menus.

Find Molly’s Kitchen on Whole Foods.


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