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Comphy Sheets

“Where Can We Get These Sheets??”

We are pleased to offer Comphy Sheets in all Pinehurst Inn guest rooms. The response has been outstanding. We’ve used a wide variety of bed linens over the years – many of them high count cottons, also quite luxurious. But there have been issues:

  • Cotton, even organic, is one of the least sustainable crops to grow. More water is used to grow cotton than any other crop. If not grown organically, some really wicked chemicals are used. Additionally, identification of the growers, their practices is very difficult.
  • High count cotton takes a long time to dry and often requires ironing – both energy and time issues.
  • Costs for high end cottons are high, and typically those linens don’t last more than 1-1/2 – 2 years.

Along came Comphy. I must admit that when I realized it was a micro-fiber, I recoiled. This can’t be sustainable! But these sheets were so comfortable that we dug deeper. Here are some of the benefits of using these linens:

  • It’s a performance fabric that assures breathability and comfort
  • It’s an eco-friendly fiber that is 100% recyclable
  • It dries quickly and does not require ironing
  • The extra fine weave protects against dust mite allergies
  • They are guaranteed for 300 washes

As we completed a full life cycle assessment between cotton and micro-fiber, it was clear. (If anyone is interested in seeing that analysis, let us know!).

So back to the original question. “Where can we get these sheets?” Right here at Pinehurst Inn.

For more information on pricing, color or more call 877-499-7651.

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