Pinehurst Congratulates Bayfield’s Eckels Pottery

Deanna Eckels & Peter Skoro, Eckels Pottery & Fine Craft Gallery, Bayfield WI

The Bayfield, Wisconsin area is well known for the local artisans – this has become a great destination for creative souls seeking a place that fosters creativity. Potters, painters, writers, weavers and more live and work throughout this area.

This past week marked a very special anniversary for a long standing pottery studio in Bayfield: Eckels Pottery and Fine Craft Gallery, located just south of Bayfield, celebrated their 50th year in business. This studio is marked by the large, ceramic pot standing in the yard of the gallery.

The studio and gallery were started by Bob Eckels, a trained painter and sculptor who dedicated himself to ceramics. Bob was hired in the 1950’s as an art professor at Northland College in Ashland, to start the art department that continues today.

Today Eckels continues to offer magnificent pottery along with a wide variety work from local and national artists. Deanna Eckels, a re-nouned potter in her own right, operates the studio today with her husband, Peter Skoro. This landmark studio is one that frequent visitors to Bayfield are sure to visit.

Eckels is just one of many great studios in Bayfield. Just one more reason Bayfield is such a great destination.