It’s melting! It’s melting!

Project 365 Day 7: Drops

This is the time of year in Bayfield when we start to get a little more excited for Spring and all things green. The snow has been melting with the warmer sun (which has been out much more frequently lately). We are hoping to start to tap the maples soon; gardeners are starting to plan out their gardens, and the sailors are starting to think about prepping their boats for the season. We are simply ready for Spring.

Truth be told, there is snow in the forecast for today. It’s still early. The chance of us getting one more good snowstorm is likely. While we get these days when the sun is shining and there are little streams on water rolling downhill from the runoff, we know there’s always one last spring storm.

We’re ready for it too. I’d like to think that those late season storms create a few last days of respite before the spring cleaning and planting begins at Pinehurst Inn. It also forces us to stay in for a few more days and assess what might need to be done indoors before all of our guests arrive for the new season.

So we’ll take it as it comes. Perhaps it’s time to schedule a massage. Ahhh.