The Beauty of June on Lake Superior

Ice berg in Lake Superior with fog in backgound and partial shot of Madeline Island.2014 in Bayfield has certainly been a weather adventure. The extreme cold of winter made for higher heating bills. Yet we also got the gift of the Mainland Ice Caves along the shores of the Apostle Island National Lakeshore.  Slow melting of immense ice on Lake Superior made for cool spring temperatures. Yet we then have had the gift of incredible ice bergs of various shapes and sizes.  The push and pull of life goes on.

So it is June. We love June. The leaves have popped, forests and gardens are green and lush. It’s a good time to enjoy Bayfield and the Apostle Islands.

Here are some tangible and sort of tangible reasons to visit Bayfield & Pinehurst Inn during June….

  • Tour the Bayfield orchards and berry farms – apple blossoms are amazing right now. Contrast these colors with the clear blue skies and the deep blue waters – well, it’s a bit of heaven
  • The air this time of year is so clear. Crisp. Warm days followed by cool evenings. If the skies are clear at night, the star gazing is amazing.
  • The pace in June is perfect. Stores and restaurants are open and happy to greet visitors. Yet still not as busy as in July and August into the fall. Activities are a “go” with kayaking, sailing and more – just not at the intense level.
  • The hiking in June is great – trails tend to be well maintained and the bugs are – well – sometimes – less persistent.
  • Bayfield in Bloom celebrates this community of gardens, hanging plants and the beginning of a new summer season. Check out the activities and the Pinehurst Inn Discount Promotion.

Explore June. Explore Bayfield. Explore the Apostle Islands. Experience the beauty of June on Lake Superior. Welcome back!

Photo Credit: Don Albrecht, Bayfield (an amazing photographer!)