6 Best Winter Activities in Wisconsin

Numerous people love the winter months because of the unique and exciting opportunities they present!  If you happen to be visiting Wisconsin in the midst of this chilly season, you might be wondering what kind of recreation is available here in the Bayfield area during this time of year.  There are a multitude of winter activities in Wisconsin that draw countless people to this area time and time again.  From dog sledding to ice fishing, there are endless possibilities for an amazing Wisconsin winter vacation!  Check out the top 6 best winter activities in Bayfield, Wisconsin, to help you start planning your Wiscpnsin winter weekend getaways.

6 Best Winter Activities in Wisconsin

1. Explore the Apostle Islands Ice Caves

One of the most beloved Wisconsin attractions in winter is the Apostles Island Ice Caves.  These frozen natural landmarks are full of true winter beauty and wonderment; it is a real experience take a tour to admire them in all of their frosted glory.  Due to changing seasons, these caves are not always accessible, so be sure to check their website before planning your visit!  However, the caves are also surrounded by hiking trails, leading to the land above the caves, which are available year-round.

2. Hit the Slopes

Winter sports in Wisconsin are immensely popular!  Mt Ashwaby is the ideal spot for skiing, hiking, snowboarding, snow biking, and snowshoeing due to their abundance of trails.  Don’t miss your chance to snap some pictures of the breathtaking scenery you see along the way as well.

3. Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding

Take an exhilarating ride on a dog sled or learn how to drive your own team yourself!  Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing offers some of the best experiences for all ages and skill levels.  If you want to watch the professionals race or participate in a dog sledding event yourself, you should make plans to attend the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race in February!  Be sure to check out the “Voluntourist” opportunity associated with this race as well.  

4. Practice Your Ice Skating

Lake Superior’s Ice Road is a spot you can’t miss during your Wisconsin winter Vacation!  During the winter, there are 2 miles of ice separating Bayfield and Madeline Island; when conditions are safe, you can choose to drive, walk, skate, or ski throughout this frozen area.

5. Attend Fun Winter Festivals in Wisconsin

There are numerous events you can attend while you’re visiting Wisconsin.  During the winter months, you can participate in several of the state’s many festivals, such as the Bayfield Winter Festival; this famous activity, which occurs every March, includes candlelight walk, bonfire, polar bear plunge, 5k run, and more!

6. Catch Your Dinner Ice Fishing

There are some great spots for ice fishing, particularly around the Ashland area.  Chequamegon Bay is a favorite place for many locals; here you can catch all kinds of huge fish, including bass, whitefish, salmon, perch, sturgeon, and more.

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