You’ll Love this Year’s Bayfield Winter Festival

Celebrate winter in the most fun and entertaining way possible!  Head to Bayfield, WI, one of the country’s most desirable winter destinations, for the annual Bayfield Winter Festival, WinterFest!  This is an engaging weekend of games and activities that people of all ages enjoy.  This year’s Bayfield Winter Festival will take place March 3-5, 2017, so discover what all this annual tradition has to offer and start making your plans to attend today!

History of the Bayfield Winter Festival

Back in 2006, the local Recreation Center hosted the very first Bayfield Winter Festival (called Manypenny Madness at the time) as a fundraiser.  This initial event consisted of games, sledding, and a Polar Plunge.  Today, the event is much larger in magnitude and involves activities that take place all over Bayfield.

All About WinterFest, the Bayfield Winter Festival

Occurring every March, WinterFest is a beloved pastime of locals and visitors alike.  Countless people flock to Bayfield to participate in the many one-of-a-kind events that take place in this snowy winter wonderland.  Read through some of the activities that make up WinterFest to see what this annual festival has to offer!

WinterDASH: Adventurers are guaranteed to have a blast participating in this snowy obstacle course!  Make your way through 13 obstacles spread throughout a 5k course for an exciting experience.  

WinterBASH:  Head over to Mt Ashwabay for WinterBASH in Morty’s Pub.  This is an evening of food, drinks, and live music that you won’t want to miss!

Run/Bike on Water: Choose to jog, bike, skate, or even ski over the famous “ice road” that joins Bayfield to Madeline Island.  Awards will be given to the fastest finishers!

Polar Plunge: Brace yourself for this activity!  The Polar Plunge is a tradition that locals look forward to every year.  You can do a solo plunge or sign up with some friends to plunge as a team.  (Most people like to dress up in costumes to add some amusing flair to the event!)  Jump through a hole in the ice into the frigid waters of Lake Superior to be a part of this intrepid activity; you can even raise money for a local organization to receive some free prizes!

Other events that are happening throughout this weekend festival include fireworks, a breakfast buffet, hockey tournaments, sledding, a chili cook-off, ice golf, and much more!

Other Bayfield Winter Activities

There are a variety of other things to do in Bayfield in winter!  Try dog sledding, going on a sleigh ride, or even exploring the ice caves of the Apostle Islands.  Skiing and ice fishing are also popular hobbies here during the colder months.

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