7 of the Best Restaurants in Ashland, WI

If you’re craving a vacation filled with exciting outdoor activities, fascinating attractions, and excellent dining, Wisconsin is the ideal destination for you!  Head to the Northern region of this marvelous state for some of the most intriguing and sensational activities, like kayaking through Lake Superior, hiking to the Apostle Island sea caves, or exploring the numerous surrounding islands.  Ashland, WI, one of the many towns on the banks of Lake Superior, is home to some truly delectable dining, so make sure you stop through for a bite to eat!  From classy to casual, the many restaurants in Ashland are bound to please visitors of all ages and preferences.  Check out our ultimate Ashland restaurant guide to help you decide where to eat first!  

7 of the Best Restaurants in Ashland, WI

1. Deep Water Grille in Ashland, WI

A varied menu of incredible dishes, a divine dessert selection, and the adjacent South Shore Brewery makes Deep Water Grille one of the best places to eat in Ashland!  You’ll feel right at home in this friendly environment as you enjoy a delicious draft beer paired with a burger, sandwich, or seafood platter.

2. Frankie’s Pizza in Ashland, WI

For over 50 years, Frankie’s Pizza has been providing Ashland, WI, with the gift of unbelievably good pizza!  Here, you can order almost any kind of topping you desire, and they have gluten-free crust options for those with dietary restrictions.  This is the perfect spot in Ashland,WI, to share a meal with the whole family!

3. The Platter in Ashland, WI

For incredible dining in a historic environment, visit The Platter in Ashland, WI.  This classic restaurant is known for creating authentic Wisconsin dishes, like a Wisconsin cheese fondue appetizer and Northcoast Chowder.  Located in a beautifully preserved home from the early 1900s, The Platter presents unique meals in a rustic environment.

4. Second Street Bistro in Ashland, WI

Specializing in preparing dishes made of the freshest local produce, meats, and fish, the Second Street Bistro is a Wisconsin favorite.  Located in the heart of downtown Ashland, this cozy joint not only offers fantastic meals and heavenly desserts, but they also have live bands perform on Fridays to entertain their guests with fun music!

5. El Dorado in Ashland, WI

For those with a more exotic palate, head to El Dorado, serving up the most amazing Mexican food in Ashland!  Not only will you be treated to the traditional cuisine of Mexico, you can also take advantage of their full bar to get the best mixed margaritas around!

6. Gabriele’s German Sweets in Ashland, WI

Everyone knows dessert is the most important part of any meal!  Stop by Gabriele’s German Sweets for the widest assortment of decadent goodies you’ve ever seen.  Your mouth will start watering the second you see her displays of homemade cookies, cakes, truffles, and more!  You can also buy some of her handcrafted jams, jellies, and preserves to take a taste of Wisconsin home from your vacation.  

7. Freehands Farm in Ashland, WI

This deluxe farm-to-table restaurant in Ashland, WI, is the ideal place to eat for anyone who loves great food in a rustic, chic environment. The Freehands Farm in Ashland also serves as a wedding venue for all those brides dreaming of a vintage wedding in a beautiful barn!

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