5 Fun Facts About Wisconsin

Wisconsin is an incredible state; tucked away in the great Midwest, it contains a myriad of unique features and qualities that make it special. With its numerous one-of-a-kind attractions and exciting activities, this state offers all kinds of options for an unforgettable vacation. Learn a little about what makes Wisconsin special before you start planning your next getaway. If you’re not sure what waits for you here, take a look at these fascinating facts about Wisconsin!

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Five Fun Facts About Wisconsin

1. Wisconsin Produces the Most Cheese

Known as “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin is famous for producing more cheese than any other state in the country! Wisconsin also contains the Swiss cheese capital of the world, Monroe. It also produces the most milk and has the most dairy cows in the country.

2. Wisconsin Is Home to the Largest Music Festival in the Country

Music is a big part of the culture in Wisconsin. In fact, the first solid-body electric guitar was developed right here in Wisconsin. With this musical background, Wisconsin is the perfect spot for the annual Milwaukee Summerfest, the largest musical festival in the United States. This is a highly-anticipated event; the audience gets to experience all kinds of big-name performers, try delicious foods, browse numerous vendors, and much more.

3. Wisconsin Created the First Ice Cream Sundae

You probably thought it was the Queen of Dairy, but in fact this sweet treat was first created in Two Rivers, WI, in the year 1881! It was also allegedly made by accident. According to the story, the first ice cream sundae was made because the original order, an ice cream soda, couldn’t be made on a Sunday during that time period. Ed Berners, of Ed Berners’ Ice Cream Parlor, improvised, creating the legendary treat we know today. 

4. Wisconsin Hosted the First Circus Performance

The Ringling Bros. actually originated in Baraboo, WI, hosting their first-ever performance there. You can learn all about this amazing historical event at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, a fantastic attraction for all ages.

5. We’re Home to Barbie . . . Yes, THAT Barbie

Did you know that the Barbie doll has an official home (outside of your daughter’s bedroom, that is). Yes, it’s true: Barbie’s “official” home is in the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin. Here’s a bonus fun fact! We’re also home to the Fennimore Doll and Toy Museum, where you can see Barbie’s history and so much more!

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