Come See the Beautiful and Historic Frog Bay Tribal Park

It’s not often that you get to experience the “first” time something happened. The first time you met that special someone. The first time you experienced the thrill of your now favorite activity. Well, you can experience a different kind of “first” when you come to Frog Bay Tribal Park. That’s because Frog Bay is one of the only parks of its kind in the United States. When you come here, you’re not just experiencing a beautiful scenic Wisconsin locale. You’re experiencing a small piece of American history . . . in the making! Want to know what makes the Frog Bay Tribal Park so special? We’ve go the lowdown for you right here. And when you decide to come visit, make sure to book your stay in the cozy and comfortable Pinehurst Inn Bed and Breakfast. We’ll treat you like royalty as you explore the greater Bayfield area!

The Beginnings of the Frog Bay Tribal Park

Walking beneath the bows of birch and cedar trees, it’s easy to think this land has existed virtually untouched. Many of the trees have been alive for a century or longer. Of course, that is not the case. Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans owned the land. As was the case all too often, settlers moving westward took the land. They privately owned it for centuries. In the 1980s,  David and Marjorie Johnson purchased the land for around $30,000. Today, assessors value the property at over 30 times that amount. The Johnsons could have struck it rich, but instead they held onto it. The reason for their decision is simple — the land was too beautiful. They did not want to see it developed.

A Park is Born

Fortunately for us, that decision led to the establishment of the park today as we know it. The Bayfield Regional Conservancy wished to preserve the land as well. They suggested that the Red Cliff tribe buy the land from the Johnsons — a small but important step towards reparations. Thanks to a grant — and the Johnsons generously donating half of the land’s value — the deal was made. Today, the Frog Bay Tribal Park is one of the only tribe-owned national parks in the entire country. The efforts to preserve it are not only for the various rare species of plants here — identities closely guarded to ward off potential collectors — but also the history of the Red Cliff tribe and its importance to this location.

The park is not very large, but it is incredibly peaceful and relaxing. As one stands on its sandy white beaches, they can’t help but reflect on the history of this hidden gem of Lake Superior. The beach affords a fantastic view of the Apostle Islands. The forest offers the sounds of birds and other wildlife as you walk among the dense vegetation on the forest floor.

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