Stay at the Pinehurst Inn While You Explore the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve

When you’re looking for things to do during your fantastic Wisconsin vacation, you can’t rule out a visit to the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve. The land is famous as a hot spot for nature lovers and romantic couples. And the gorgeous and majestic Houghton Falls serves as the prime locale. Owned by the town of Bayfield, the area is now one of the most recent of Wisconsin’s great national parks. The Bayfield area is flush with beautiful nature trails, and the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve is no exception! For those who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, here’s all the fantastic things you can do at Houghton Falls!

What to Do at the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve

Hiking Galore

No Wisconsin vacation is complete without an amazing hiking trail to explore! And the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve has plenty of trails to wet your whistle. In fact, it was recently named one of the most scenic locations to hike in. The main trail is over 1.5 miles and offers an easy hike even for the inexperienced. You don’t need to be an expert hiker to experience the wonders of Houghton Falls!

Plenty of Birdwatching

As you hike, be on the lookout for the sights and sounds of local birds. The preserve is home to many local birds, as well as migratory visitors. Some of the birds you may see include the Merlin, the Canada Warbler, and the All-American Bald Eagle. Tread lightly, so you don’t disturb the habitats of these reclusive animals.

Houghton Falls

While you’re hiking, make sure to visit the prime tourism spot and the namesake of the preserve. Houghton Falls is a low flow falls. After a heavy rain or whenever there is melting snow, you’ll find the falls active and flowing. Further upstream from the falls are the scenic Echo Dells, a picturesque view well worth the visit, even when the falls are inactive. Additionally, the falls are extremely close to Lake Superior, as the trail leads straight to the shoreline.

Echo Dells

Not far from Houghton Falls you’ll find the Echo Dells, a series of cliffs formed by longtime water erosion from the lake. You’ll find some caves and minor waterfalls dotted along the Dells, as well as a walking footpath. Those of you who know your plants should also keep an eye out for the growths of hemlock and yellow birch, to name a few species.

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