Itch That Exploration Bug at These Lake Superior Sea Caves

Do you feel the urge to check out forgotten caves? Do you love the natural beauty of the earth? Then you absolutely should check out the fantastic Lake Superior Sea Caves. You’ve seen the forests. You’ve marveled at the beautiful sunsets on the lakeshore horizon. But you haven’t really experienced Lake Superior until you explore these geological wonders. Go with friends, or take the family. Everyone can enjoy these sights! Best of all, in the winter, you can actually walk up to the caves and see them up close and personal! If you’re interested, here’s what you need to know about seeing the Lake Superior Sea Caves for yourself!

All the Details on Visiting the Lake Superior Sea Caves

Summer Excursions

In the summer, you can take boat tours of the Apostle Island Sea Caves. The Apostle Islands Cruise Services are your go-to people for trips out to the Devils Island caves. Ask also about the possibility of a sunset cruise, which are offered a couple of times per week. Additionally, kayakers are free to boat up to the caves on their own, or as part of a guided tour. The National Park Service website has more information.

Winter Wonder

Of course, one of the best ways to see the caves is up close and personal. In wintertime, the lake freezes over sufficiently for visitors to walk or snowshoe over. The best place to do this is the end of Mayers Road, as the Apostle Island Caves are only one short mile from the shore. Additionally, winter is also a great time to see the Mainland Sea Caves, located on the western end of the Apostle Island lakeshore in northern Bayfield county.

Above All, Stay Safe

One important thing to remember is to stay safe whenever you come and visit the caves. They are beautiful in both the summer and the winter, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous. During the summer, wear proper flotation gear while out on the boat, and always follow any instructions given. During the winter, dress appropriately, and make sure that the ice is thick enough to walk on.

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