Explore the Fascinating History at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center

Lake Superior isn’t just a beautiful area. It’s a location rich with history, meaning, and importance. Not everyone realizes how special this place truly is. That’s one of the reasons why the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center exists. The Center is proud to display Lake Superior’s rich history to tourists. Additionally, it is a great spot for nature lovers as well. It hosts all kinds of events and conferences. No matter your interest, you’ll find something to like here! If you come to Bayfield, you have to check out the Visitor Center. Here’s the info about it you need to know!

Location and Operating Hours

This educational center is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and they are open every day of the week, apart from major holidays.  You’ll find the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center on the shores of Lake Superior. Their address is 29270 County Highway G in Ashland, WI.

Fun Things to Do at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center

Exhibit Hall

Within the halls of the Visitor Center itself, you can find exhibits dedicated to the history of Lake Superior. The exhibits showcase the historically significant events that occurred over the long timeline of the region, and illuminate the importance of Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes to the survival of early settlers. There are also limited exhibits which rotate during the year. Currently, the featured exhibit is Ancestral Women: Wisconsin’s 12 Tribes, a celebration of Elder Women, with representations from each of the Native Wisconsin tribes. Other fantastic and insightful exhibits to follow!

Outdoor Fun

Of course, there are plenty of great activities outside the exhibit hall to explore as well! Take a hike along one of the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center certified trails. There’s even a specialized kids discovery area, where your little ones can learn all about the wildlife that surround them. The hiking trails take you through a diverse array of landscapes, including a black ash swamp and sedge meadow.

Events All Year Round

No matter the time of year, the National Great Lakes Visitor Center has a host of entertaining and educational events you can experience! There’s a regular film screening, traveling events, and all kinds of holiday goodness. Local vendors also sell goods here, so in addition to having a great time, you can support the community, and get a taste of that delicious local flavor!

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