Discover a Wisconsin Winter Wonderland on the Mt. Ashwabay Snowshoeing Trails

If you’ve never tried snowshoeing before, we highly recommend it! There’s just something so calm and peaceful about it. Is it the soft crunch of the snow underfoot? Is it the smells and sounds of a forest blanketed in winter? Whatever it is, snowshoeing is undeniably an experience that’s underrated, and that more people should try! Mt. Ashwabay Snowshoeing trails offer some of the best snowshoeing nature experiences you can find in Wisconsin. If you’re interested, here are the great trails for you!

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All the Mt. Ashwabay Snowshoeing Trails For You!


How Much Trail Is there?

There are 40 kilometers of cross country ski trails available. Snowshoers are invited to walk along specially designated parts of the trail. Where snowshoers can walk and what areas to avoid are outlined by this map, handily provided by the Ashwabay team. The trails are regularly maintained by a volunteer “grooming crew”, so you don’t need to worry about safety conditions. Rest assured, Mt. Ashwabay takes care of its visitors! If you are so inclined, you can even help out by volunteering to join the crew yourself! Simply talk to a nearby Operations Team Manager to set up the details.

Am I Safe on the Trails?

Don’t worry, you are absolutely safe sharing the same area as the cross-country skiiers. Portions of the snowshoe trail criss-cross or run parallel with the cross country ski courses. For your safety, the Mt. Ashwabay crew asks that snowshoers stay on their designated side of the groomed track. Also, please remember that a trail pass is required. Finally, the cross-country warming room is attached to the Chalet. This room is provided for your convenience and is always unlocked and easy to access. We prefer a cozy fireplace at a top-tier bed and breakfast to warm our bones, but that’s just us!

Showshoe (or Drive!) Over to Pinehurst Inn This Winter

Mt. Ashwabay Snowshoeing is such a great way to spend a winter in Wisconsin. When you’re all finished on the trail, head on over to the Pinehurst Inn for some rest and relaxation! Our cozy bed and breakfast in the waterfront town of Bayfield, WI features luxurious rooms, each fully equipped with the finest eco-elegant amenities. Indulge yourself with our homemade, organic breakfast first thing in the morning. No matter whether you choose to get out an explore or relax at our Inn, you’re sure to have a great time. We also offer special discounts year round for booking multiple nights, so don’t delay and book today!

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