They have been married for 35 years and over those years, they have dedicated themselves to their careers, family, and community.  Mike has a public service and business background.  He served in the United States Marine Corps and later served as a police officer, volunteer firefighter, paramedic, commissioner of parks and recreation, president of a chamber of commerce, and finished as a public official serving as a trustee for a fire protection district. On the business side, he was a loss prevention manager for Sears and a pro sales manager and operations manager for the Home Depot in the Chicago market. He also was a real estate broker and owned an on-line retail sales business.  

Becky worked in her family’s dry cleaning business for many years before going to law school.  For more than 25 years, she had a national practice concentrating in commercial litigation.  She was a partner in a Chicago law firm, and over the years, she had been involved in law firm management, training, and mentoring.  Becky also was involved with a local literacy foundation.  

In the early 2000s, Becky’s parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer. When her parents no longer could care for themselves and her brother with Downs Syndrome, they opened their home to them and, with the assistance of a caregiver and other family members, cared for them for the remainder of their lives.  After that, Mike and Becky started talking about their future and that they wanted a change.  They concluded that operating a bed and breakfast would give them an opportunity to live in a great area and meet some wonderful people.  Beginning in 2012, they started searching on and off for a bed and breakfast while still working full-time.  Their quest took them to a number of states, including Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Wisconsin.  They had first seen the Pinehurst Inn in 2014 and felt an immediate connection.  However, they were not sure that they wanted to stay in the Midwest with its harsh winters, so they continued their search, but without success and they found themselves talking about the Pinehurst Inn. The inn had many of the things they were looking for and it just felt right.  So in early 2016, they became the owners and innkeepers of Pinehurst Inn.

Mike and Becky are enjoying their roles as innkeepers and are pleased to be part of the Bayfield community.  They are incorporating their own style of innkeeping with eco-friendly initiatives to provide their guests with an exceptional place to unwind and discover the beauty of the Bayfield, Wisconsin area.  As a side note, Mike and Becky owned a condo in the French Quarter of New Orleans for a number of years, so you will see plenty of NOLA art throughout the inn.  One thing you can be sure of is that they will do their best to see that your stay at the Pinehurst Inn is enjoyable, and with their laidback Midwest Southern style, you will always get treated to some lagniappe (“a little something extra”).

Mike and Becky also feel very strongly that the men and women who have served or are serving in the U.S. military deserve our thanks and appreciation for their service to our Country.  As such, U.S. military veterans and active duty military will receive a 10% discount off their room rate as the innkeepers’ way of saying “thank you.”

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