4 of the Greatest Benefits of Using Locally Produced Food

Don’t you love buying fruit from a farmers’ market?  The taste is always exquisite and the prices are usually better than in the supermarket.  You may not realize it, but buying food from local sources can actually affect your community and the environment in a huge way.  Learn all about the benefits of using locally produced food and how buying locally grown food can change both you and the environment around you!

  1. Locally Produced Food Benefits the Health

Locally produced food is always fresher than what you’ll pick up at the grocery store, and the fresher your fruits and vegetables are, the better they are for you!  The vitamins in produce start to disintegrate, dramatically reducing their nutritional value.  Purchasing locally grown food also guarantees the produce will be in great condition, not overripe or underripe.  

  1. Locally Produced Food Helps the Community

When you find local food at a nearby farmer’s market or independent storefront, you should buy what you can!  Buying local keeps the money within your community, making your purchase twice as beneficial.  You’re also supporting the families of those farmers who work so hard to develop and distribute their produce; you might also be creating more jobs for other community members!

  1. Locally Produced Food Conserves Energy

A great amount of time and resources is spent on packaging and shipping foods all around the world; by obtaining your foods locally, you’re helping save time, money, and energy.  This especially helps diminish the amount of petroleum used, which is a non-renewable energy source commonly used in agriculture.  

  1. Locally Produced Food Preserves Land

Last but not least, using locally produced goods lessens the amount of open space being converted to farmland.  Fewer additional farms need to be created when more people buy from their local farms.  This conservation of land also protects the lives of wildlife by preserving their habitats.  These are just a few examples of how buying locally grown food aids the world around us.  

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2 thoughts on “4 of the Greatest Benefits of Using Locally Produced Food

  1. I liked how you talked about how this helps to conserve land. I’ve been thinking more and more about buying locally produced foods since my last extended stay in Europe where that was what I did. It never occurred to me that this could help to keep the local land from being under development.

  2. We love that you talked about purchasing locally produced food and how it makes a positive change in a community! A few days ago, my wife and I decided we’d like to start eating better and healthier! We want to know where our food comes from and choose the one with fewer chemicals, so we’ll be sure to start by visiting local markets! Thanks for the advice on how to help our community’s money flow!

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