Everything You Need to Know about the North Shore Scenic Railroad

One of the best attractions of the Midwest is the incredible North Shore Scenic Railroad. These historic tracks follow a beautiful route winding through the most lovely natural features of both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Passengers can hop aboard a deluxe train and gaze in wonder at the breathtaking sights that roll by.  Learn all about the North Shore Scenic Railroad and make plans to take a ride today!

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3 Interesting Things to Know About the North Shore Scenic Railroad

What Is the North Shore Scenic Railroad?

The North Shore Scenic Railroad provides an experience like no other!  Hop aboard one of these trains at the historic Duluth Union Depot in Duluth, MN, then watch as the gorgeous sights of the Duluth Canal Park and the shores of Lake Superior glide past. A knowledgeable guide narrates your journey, telling you the stories and history of this amazing railroad.  

The History of the North Shore Scenic Railroad

This railroad has played a significant role in this area throughout history. These tracks served as a primary mode of transportation between Duluth and Two Harbors for over 100 years. Originally called the Lake Division, the trains helped the iron industry by carrying valuable ore to the Vermilion Range. Also, every Sunday during the summer, the Lake Division ran the “Fisherman’s Special.”  This involved dropping fisherman off at local streams and picking them up in later in the day with their haul of fresh trout! This railroad was renamed and declared a scenic ride in the year 1989.  

Train Rides You Can Take on the North Shore Scenic Railroad

In addition to their usual scenic rides, this railroad offers some one-of-a-kind events. The North Shore Scenic Railroad offers a wide spectrum of different themed train rides that visitors of all ages can enjoy. Some of their seasonal rides include trips like the Summer BBQ in the Dining Car, Christmas City Express, Mother’s Day Luncheon, and Fall Colors Tour.  Other favorite North Shore Scenic Railroad events are a Wine Tasting Dinner on the train, their Excursion and Lunch at the Brewery, a Yoga Train experience, and a classic murder mystery dinner called “Murder on the Disoriented Express”! You’ll always have an amazing experience, no matter what time of year you visit this train.

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