What You Need to Know About Taking an Apostle Islands Boat Tour

Perfect vacation memories await you when you come to visit Lake Superior. The lake is a prime destination spot. Visitors from all over the country come here seeking fresh air, outdoor recreation, and quality family time. And if you’re going to visit Lake Superior, you have to check out the Apostle Islands. There’s so much about these islands to explore, you may wonder where you even begin. Fortunately you don’t need to figure it out yourself! Reel Island Adventures offers exceptional boat tours of these beautiful and mysterious locales. If you are looking to take an Apostle Islands boat tour, here’s some important things to do to prepare before you sail!

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What to Know Before You Go on an Apostle Islands Boat Tour

1. Check the Weather . . . and Prepare to Bundle Up!

It’s a pretty well known fact that Wisconsin can be one of the colder regions in the country. Lake Superior is especially famous for its chilly temperatures. Even if you go in the heat of the summer, average temperatures can drop as low as 40 degrees. Of course, these temperatures are hardly dangerous. But if you don’t prepare properly, you may find yourself focused a little less on the beautiful nature and a little more on your chilly toes. Make sure you pack some warmer clothing, just in case, and monitor the weather continuously before your trip. The National Weather Service provides great up-do-date coverage, so you won’t be caught unawares.

2. Bring a Good Camera

Make sure you bring a camera that can take high-quality images. While we’re sure your smartphone takes excellent pictures, you really want something top-notch for the sights you’ll see here. In addition to the amazing wildlife — including deer, eagles, and bear, all in their natural habitats — there’s various caves and secluded beaches. Depending on the time of year, you may also see the one-of-a-kind ice caves. And of course, there’s the beautiful sunset burning over the lake horizon. Don’t trust a basic camera with moments like these. Bring a quality one and make sure your photos look as good as your memories.

3. Check Out the Other Great Recreational Opportunities

Reel Island Adventures offers other great services besides the Apostle Islands Boat Tour. Ask about their Fishing Charters, or have them taxi you to any of the lighthouses or camping sites. Also, make sure to check out the games at the Legendary Waters Casino, where the boats depart from. There will be no shortage of great things to do on and around the Apostle Islands!

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