Apostle Islands Hiking Trails Are a Wonderful Way to Spend the Day


Summer is dwindling, and soon the fall weather will be here. There’s so many fun fall activities in Bayfield, that we’re certainly excited for the autumn weather. But that doesn’t mean we’re giving up on summer just yet! There’s still some time to get outside, soak up the sun, and explore the beautiful outdoors here in Bayfield. We recommend heading out to the Apostle Islands. The islands are renowned for their natural beauty, becoming a popular spot for visiting tourists and locals alike. There’s also plenty of Apostle Islands hiking trails, as well as hiking trails in the surrounding area. The nature enthusiast in your family is sure to love it! So here’s the info about he Apostle Islands hiking trails as well as other great trails close by.

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Where to Experience the Best Apostle Islands Hiking, and More

Lakeshore Trail

Located on the Apostle Islands, the trail extends for about 4 and 1/2 miles. It’s a rugged path great for experienced hikers. It’s best to take this trail in the summertime, as in the winter it may become snow-packed and icy. Come at the right time and you may even be able to access the famous Apostle Islands sea caves!

Mt. Ashwabay Ski & Recreation Area

Located just up the hill from Pinehurst Inn, there are numerous XC Ski trails (over 50 km!) that provide incredible hiking in the fall. These trails are varied in difficulty with a few heading up to higher elevations that provide great views of Lake Superior and Madeline Island.

Brownstone Trail

Brownstone Trail comes out of Bayfield south along with old railroad grade. Brownstone is a pretty gentle trail, with a few brief passes along private properties, however all with legal easements. Managed by Bayfield Regional Conservancy, this trail is maintained by a wonderful group of volunteers from the area.

Houghton Falls

Houghton Falls is a glorious hike taking you from the parking area to Houghton Point. Wander through old-growth pines and hemlocks to reach the shevled and rocky shoreline of Lake Superior. You’ll see Houghton Falls along the way with times of the year when it’s dramatic in its journey to the lake.

Stay at the Pinehurst Inn for Relaxation After Your Hiking Trip

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