Check out These Northern Wisconsin Wineries

Do you love good wine? That’s a trick question, who doesn’t? Wine is delicious, and it’s always fun and exciting getting to try new vintages. One of the joys of wine is getting the chance to explore a winery. It’s not only informative, it helps you appreciate the effort that goes into how your wine is made. And of course, there’s the chance for wine tastings! Wisconsin is a great place for discovering wineries. If you’re here on a fantastic vacation, here are four of exciting Northern Wisconsin wineries that you’ll definitely want to check out.

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Four Great Northern Wisconsin Wineries You’ll Love

Seven Ponds Winery

Located right here in Bayfield, the Seven Ponds Winery is a great option for wine-lovers looking for authentic, rustic flavor. You may have heard of this winery before, under a different name: the All-Sisters’ Winery. This winery is family owned, and boasts 1500 vines. They’re open daily from 10:30 to 5:00 PM. Check it out now!

Bayfield Winery

If you’re at the Seven Ponds Winery, you might notice another of the Northern Wisconsin wineries that’s very close by. That’s the Bayfield Winery, which shares a farmhouse with Seven Ponds. What’s the difference between them? Seven Ponds Winery specializes in red and white grape wine. In contrast, the Bayfield Winery offers apple and fruit-based wines and ciders. Of course, with so many great options, why not try them both?

White Winter Winery

Moving on southwest of Bayfield, the White Winter Winery offers delicious meads and spirits in Iron River, WI. This winery is sure to use locally grown fruits from small, family-owned farms. You can be sure you’re getting authentically fresh Wisconsin fruit flavor in these spirits. It’s also located 30 minutes from Deluth, so your travel day doesn’t have to end!

Hauser’s Superior View Farm

The last great winery on our list is the Hauser’s Superior View Farm. Don’t think that just because we’re putting it last means that it’s the worst winery! This winery comes with a long history — it’s been around since 1908, for five family generations. It’s also the site of locally grown perennials, berries, apples . . . whatever you can think of! Spend a day here and be filled with the smells and sounds of Northern Wisconsin greenery.

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